Gina Mastrianni

fredag 10. januar 2020, kl. 19:00

Also understood as delusion in English, ranges from minor misconceptions and mistaken impressions to serious idiosyncratic beliefs and irrationalities.

“Vrangforestilling” explores how it feels to stand at a meeting point - between delusion and reality, confusion and understanding, suffering and healing. It is the materialization of a mind trying to reason with itself.

We wrap our fragile items in bubble wrap and plastic. What do we use to protect a fragile mind?

Arduous times offer the possibility for new encounters, revelations, and unearthings.

For me, this has been finding solace in a craft: knitting. A technique demanding attentiveness while lending obsessive hands, eyes and minds a distraction from themselves. In knitting, there are two sides of an item based on stitches: rett and vrang.

“Vrangforestilling” offers a physical space to stand and face the vrang side - through the stitches holding together the mental walls we build up in our minds. A space to see what’s on the other side of our irrationalities, fears and anxieties.

Gina Mastrianni